About us

With more than two decades of co-ownership of a gym with a dojo called "Ginásio Apollo", Sensei Jorge Monteiro fulfilled his lifelong dream by opening "Hombu Dojo", a space completely dedicated to bringing traditional Okinawan Karate to Portugal.

In 2018, Sensei Jorge transformed a garage near Porto city center into Hombu Dojo. Despite there being a lot of work to do, the dojo opened its doors to the public, becoming an authentic Okinawan refuge in the heart of Porto.

With 500m², Hombu Dojo is not just a training place, it is an experience. From the reception to the separate changing rooms for men and women, the environment has been meticulously designed. The wooden floor, the walls adorned with photographs from the history of Sensei Jorge, Sensei Jorge jr, karate colleagues and certificates, provide a unique atmosphere.

The training space is centered on a wooden altar at the front, and is filled with traditional Japanese training instruments, Hojo Undo, such as Makiwaras, Chiishi, Ishisashi, Nigiri Gami, Kongoken, Makiagi, Tan, Tou, Jari Bako, Ude Kitae. Additionally, there is an area with weight lifting equipment and tatami pieces that can be set up for specific workouts.

Sensei Jorge and his son teach daily at the dojo, with classes divided by age and graduation. With the excellent conditions of the space and the vast karate experience of Sensei Jorge Monteiro, Hombu Dojo is truly a home for traditional Okinawan karate, where students have the unique opportunity to train daily with world-class Senseis.