Adult Sports Mouthguard Muay Thai Boxing Teeth Protection Mma Fighting Mouth Guard Children Rugby Fight Training Braces

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Type: Sports mouth braces

Material:Food grade EVA

Size:Tooth Protector:



Color:red adult,grey adult,blue child.

ackage includes:mouthguard*1 ,box*1,carton*1


High density structure, firm and soft heating snap-in design, more fit users' teeth shape and the mouth guard can reach the rear molars, to provide complete protection.

Groove adjust teeth surface, convenient to keep breathing smooth

It will not affect the protective effect of teeth during strenuous exercise.

Great for Boxing, Kicking, MMA, Fighting, Boxing,Sanda, TaekwondFirefighting, Jiu-Jitsu and other vigorous exercises


1.Please allow 1-2mm measure errors.

2.Because long-term sealed transportation will have some plastic smell, it can be used normally after cleaning and ventilation. We use environmentally friendly materials, so you can use it with confidence.

How to use ?

1. Wash the new tray blank with soap to wash off the chemical. factory elements

2. Dip into boiling water and wait 30 seconds, checking all the time if your mouth guard will soften a little earlier, or a little later

3. Put on the upper jaw, and smooth the silicone up under the lips.

4. Bite lightly

5. Align up again

6. The capa is ready

3-5 points should be done quickly, while the mouthguard remains soft. If the burl has hardened, BUT has not acquired the shape you want, you can re-cook and shape it. Also, if the right edge of the mouthguard already suits you, you can only cook unformed edge of the mouth guard.